Revised September 2009



The rules contained herein constitute the playing rules of the Franklin Square Raiders Intramural Division, by which Division Directors, coaches, spectators and players shall be guided.


A) FIELD DIRECTOR will be a member of the Board of Directors. He or she shall be responsible for the following:

  1. In the event of inclement weather, the FIELD Director prior to the start of play shall consult with the president or his/her designee and both will decide to play or cancel the program for that day.
  2. The Field Director shall have the authority to suspend play should playing conditions become unsafe due to weather or field conditions.
  3. The Field Director shall represent the Board of Directors at the field for that playing day
  4. The Field director is empowered to enforce all playing rules as necessary, as stated by the playing rules
  5. The Field director shall have a designated assistant, who will also be a member of the Board of Directors.

B) DIVISION CHAIRPERSON shall be appointed by the president and shall have the following duties:

  1. Supervise the games in his/her division
  2. Assist the registrar with team formation, draft, late registrations, etc.
  3. Enforce the Intramural playing rules
  4. Manage questions regarding player transfers

All coaches are required to address any and all field problems to the Division Chairperson.

C) INTRAMURAL REGISTRAR shall have the following duties:

  1. Coordinate all Intramural registrations
  2. Coordinate with Division Chairman on drafting of teams, assignment of late registrants, etc.
  3. The Registrar, upon consultation with the Board of Directors shall have the authority of capping registrations, as necessary.

The coaches shall refer ALL new players to the Registrar for team assignment. Any violation of this procedure will cause the matter to be referred to the Conduct and Rules Committee.


This committee will be comprised of the Division Chairperson and the Head Referee. The Head Referee shall be the Chairperson of the Committee.

The Conduct and Rules Committee shall act on the following:

  1. Any and all cases at a player or coach, who receives a red card during a match.
  2. Any serious violation of the playing rules, except Referee decisions, regarding matters of play (other than red cards).
  3. Any complaints received from the Division Chairperson and/or Field Director.
  4. The parties involved have the right to appear before this committee to state their case.
  5. The conduct and rules Committee does have the authority to impose penalties up to and including suspension.

E) Referees

The Referees shall have the following authority during matches:

  1. To make all decisions regarding play. (Referees decisions are final)
  2. To enforce the rules of play as established by FIFA, U.S. Soccer Federation and as modified and recommended by the U.S. Youth Soccer Association for Intramural play and by the Franklin Square Raiders Soccer Club
  3. Suspend the match, when and if, conditions become dangerous.
  4. Ensure that players are properly equipped.


The coaches are responsible for the following:

  1. Conduct of the players and spectators (parents) during the match.
  2. Ensure their players are properly equipped.
  3. Act in a responsible manner.
  4. Retrain from using foul or abusive language to any participant involved in the match.
  5. Set a positive example for the players and spectators in showing respect for the referee.
  6. Ensure all players are registered.
  7. Appoint a parent as an assistant coach, on a consistent basis, with assigned duties, i.e. attendance, playing time.


Spectators are the coaches responsibility. They should stand on the opposite side of the field from players and coaches and shalt refrain from the use of foul and/or abusive language toward any participant in the match. Spectators shall follow all applicable playing rules as indicated in the rules of play.


A) Standings

Standings will be kept for all divisions, except the Instructional Division and Division 1 They are determined as follows:

WIN = 3 points

TIE = 1 point

LOSS = 0 points

All teams, must play all games, irrespective of standings. In the event of a tie (other than a playoff game} after the nine game half season, the following will be used to break the tie:

  1. Head to head results. This will only be used if all teams that are tied have played each other.
  2. The fewest goals allowed.
  3. The most goals scored. No goal differential above 5, in any one game, will count in calculating tie breakers
  4. The goal average between the two teams

The club Secretary is the official score keeper for the club. However, both coaches and referees are responsible for recording and submitting scores into the score box at the end of each game.

B) Playoff Games

Playoff games will occur as the last game of the Spring season. The overall winner (both seasons) will be awarded as follows:

  1. First place finish in both the Fall and Spring Seasons
  2. A playoff match between the Fall season winner and the Spring season winner, if not the same.

The second place team will be determined by:

  1. The loser of the First Place playoff game.
  2. If there is no First Place playoff game, the team which finishes in Second Place for both seasons.
  3. Playoff game between the Second Place team in the Fall season versus Second Place team in the Spring, providing there was no First Place playoff game.
  4. Third Place (providing there are six teams in the division).

The third place team will be determined by:

  1. Loser of Second Place playoff game
  2. Finished second in both seasons, unless bumped by the loser of a Second Place playoff game.
  3. Winner of a playoff game between the winner of Third Place Fall season versus winner of Third Place Spring Season.
  4. Winner of playoff game between Third Place team Fall season versus next best team record Spring season only if Third Place Spring slot is open due to another playoff game.

C) Playoff Overtime

In the event a playoff game is tied at the end of regulation, the winner will be determined as follows:

A Short overtime period. First team to score wins.

If the teams are still tied at the end of the overtime period, penalty kicks will determine the outcome.

The penalty kicks will be 5 v. 5 and if still tied, 1 v 1 sudden death.

D) Player Equipment

The following is required for all games:

  1. Soccer-type shin guards — All Divisions
  2. Soccer-type cleats — All Divisions, except Instructional. ABSOLUTELY NO METAL BASEBALL CLEATS.
  3. Full uniform (sweat pants may be worn under shorts on cold days, coaches option). Uniform shirt must be the outer garment.

The following may NOT be worn for any match:

  1. Any type of jewelry, including earrings
  2. Any type of casts
  3. Baseball hats are not permitted, except for goal keeper; the goal keeper’s hat must have a soft visor
  4. Players wearing hooded sweatshirts under their uniforms must have the hood tucked in
  5. No player is permitted to chew gum or candy while playing in a match
  6. Goal keeper must wear a shirt which will clearly distinguish him/her from players on the field

Coaches are requested to wear their staff shirt, weather permitting.

Size of Field

The size of the field will be determined as per the U.S. Youth Soccer Association Guidelines.

Size of Goals

The size of the goals will be determined as per the U.S. Youth Soccer Association Guidelines.

Number of Players on Field

The number of players on the Field is dependent upon a few factors, such as:

The number of players registered with the club.

The age breakdown of players registered.

The number of coaches available.

The number of referees available.

The amount of field time the club is permitted.

Ideally, the number of players should be as follows:

Instructional Division: Eight on field, including goal keeper. Twelve on team.

Division I: Eight on field, including goal keeper. Twelve on team

Division II: Nine on field, Fourteen on team.

Division III: Up to 11 on field. Sixteen on team.

The Board of Directors will make the final determination on this, prior to the start of the season.

Ball Size

Instructional and Division I: Size 3

Division II: Size 4

Division III and older: Size 5

Duration of Play

Instructional Division – Twenty-five minutes practice with a trainer, and a twenty-five minute game

Division I – Two twenty five minute halves with a short break in between

Division II – Two twenty-five minute halves with a short break in between

Division III and older – Two twenty-five minute halves with a short break in between

Game Scheduling

Spring Season — 9 Games

Fall season — 9 games


When the entire playing schedule is rained out, for a Sunday, these games will NOT be re-scheduled. In the event of a partial rain-out for the Sunday games, these games will be re-scheduled.

In order for a game to be included in the standings, the entire game must be played. Games which are canceled due to weather conditions during the actual play, will not show in the standings, and that game must be replayed.


All players, regardless of team standing, will get a trophy. Special recognition will be awarded as follows:

Divisions with four teams, a First and Second Place Award.

Divisions with six teams, a First, Second and Third Place award.

Playing Time

It is the rule of this club that each player must play at least 50% of the game. The players must be played at least 5O% of the first half of the match, and at least 5O% of the second half of the match. If a player becomes problematic due to behavioral or substantial amount or unexcused, missed practices, the coach may reduce playing time after discussing this with the Divisional Chairperson


A team shall be permitted to use as many substitutions as it desires in any match.

1) Substitutions may be made, with the CONSENT OF THE REFEREE, under the following conditions:

a) Prior to a throw in by EITHER team.

b) Prior to a goal kick by EITHER team.

c) After a goal by EITHER team

d) After an injury, by EITHER team, when the referee stops play.

2) Substitution of the Goal Keeper – any of the teams players may substitute for the goal keeper provided that the referee has been informed PRIOR to the change being made, and that the change be made during a stoppage of play.

Game Forfeits

The match will be deemed a forfeit under the following conditions:

  1. If a team is unable to field the minimum number of players at ten minutes past the scheduled start time match that team shall forfeit the match. Should neither team be able to field the minimum number of players at ten minutes after the match, both teams shall forfeit the match.
  2. A forfeit will be recorded with a 1-0 score.
  3. The minimum number of players to determine a forfeit is:

a) Instructional Division: Non-applicable

b) Division I – 2 less than the currently established maximum of field players.

c) Division II – 3 less than the currently established maximum of field players.

d) Division III – 3 less than the currently established maximum of field players.

In the event that one team is able to only field the minimum number of players, the other team will NOT be penalized and will play with the maximum number of players on the field.


Division I is still considered an instructional program, therefore, certain violations on game restarts will NOT be immediately penalized as dictated under FIFA regulations. As such, the referee will have full discretion on allowing the re-taking of certain restarts that are not performed according to current FIFA regulations. In order to preserve the continuity of the match, the general guideline will be to allow a team the re-taking of a restart three times before awarding the ball to the opposing team.

A typical, but NOT LIMITED to, situation would be allowing a player to re-take a throw-in that was done illegally or an illegally performed place kick (kick of).

The match referee has the FINAL say as to the number of re-starts that may be taken at any given time.


Coaching from the Sidelines

Each team will take a position on opposite sides of the field. The Home team shall have the choice of sides and shall stand behind any drawn spectator line, or at least 5 feet from the touch line.

Coaches are permitted to coach from only one side of the field. Coaches may not coach in the area of the goals. Violation of this rule will result in the issuance of a yellow and/or red card to the coach

Spectators are required to follow this rule. All spectators are to stand on the opposite side of the field from the players and coaches. If the spectators are found to be in violation of this rule, the responsible coach will be issued a yellow and/or red card

Yellow Card

A yellow card displayed by the referee indicates that a player or coach is being formally cautioned for violation of the playing rules.

A cautioned player will be substituted by another player until that team’s next available opportunity for a legal substitution. Should a team not have any substitutes available, the team will NOT be forced to play short handed and the cautioned player may continue to play according to the laws of the game.

A second yellow card issued to the same player or coach during a match constitutes a major violation, which requires ejection from the match.

A red card constitutes a major violation, which requires ejection of the player or coach from the match.


Each coach shall appoint a linesman for the game. The Linesman shall be instructed in his/her duties by the Referee Under no circumstances shall a non-neutral linesman be permitted to make calls other than the ball In and Out of play.

Goal Keepers Six Second Rule

This rule does not apply to Division I. The goal keeper may walk the ball to the penalty area line and punt or throw. The six second rule does apply to all other divisions.

Protest or Appeals

No match may be protested or appealed regarding Referee decisions.